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Перевод слова

Перевод: innocent speek innocent

невинный; безвинный; чистый; наивный; простодушный; безвредный; невиновный; лишенный; незлокачественный [мед.]; доброкачественный [мед.]; безопасный;
невинный младенец; простак


  1. The cries of the innocent accuse us."
  2. And now he was lurching about his flat with innocent children asleep in their beds, and he had lied to Helga.
  3. "I'm innocent, believe me, Craig has fooled you but he can't fool me, he wanted it all, the property and land, the business and every penny of the money.
  4. That might be a necessary protection in order, e.g., to prevent a cheque obtained by fraud from getting into the hands of an innocent holder, who would be in better position than the original party to the fraud.
  5. But in 10 short years at the turn of the century all this changed and the "common, innocent, friendly" house fly was subjected to the most vicious of character assassinations.
  6. We visited the Workers' Scientific Institute, the Russian Geographic Society's headquarters and museum, and the St Innocent's monastery, just outside the town.
  7. MOTORISTS who are the innocent victims of accidents can now have more legal muscle to pursue uninsured losses with a low-cost legal fees scheme from DAS.
  8. But the RUC said last night: "The victim of this foul murder was an entirely innocent man who was on his way to work.
  9. You have taken away innocent men.
  10. He received this innocent information with a scowl.
  11. Is Roberto correct when he insists that he is innocent and she has lost her mind?
  12. In the old popular court, the suitors declared the law and gave judgement, or else passed judgement over to God by making one of the parties submit to an ordeal: to being thrown into a pool, for instance, or made to grasp a red-hot iron; if he sank, or was soon healed, he was innocent; otherwise, he was guilty.
  13. But in July, 1973, Harari led a group which accidentally killed an innocent Moroccan waiter in the Norwegian town of Lillehammer.

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