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Перевод слова

Перевод: ink speek ink

чернила ; тушь ; черная жидкость, выпускаемая каракатицей; типографская краска;
метить чернилами; пачкать чернилами; покрывать типографской краской


  1. The words of Chris Bott, anarchist or, more politely, "libertarian left", as laid out in giant 36-point type and printed in lurid blue on a red background on the cover of Ink , one of the crop of underground papers that sprang up at the end of the 1960s.
  2. He lost himself in its possibilities, its immensity, he went far out, and came back dazed, stunned by horizons, often with sketches he had done in a hurry and afterwards flew at with the axe of a black crayon, or a pen loaded with black ink, hacking at them fiercely, savagely, to kill off the sentimental and picturesque that was so much in vogue.
  3. This spotted sea hare (above) is a mollusc that can squirt a cloud of purple ink into the water in response to the approach of a predator.
  4. The shaggy ink cap is also called the "lawyers wig" because of the white woolly cap.
  5. The world of satire will surely be greatly and irrevocably diminished when the ink wells finally dry up at Ludgate House.
  6. We worked with two pens in the one hand, one for black ink and one for red, and at each weather station we had to draw in the symbols for wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, temperature, cloud type, amount and height, and precipitation, all in black, and the wet bulb temperature and dew point in red.
  7. To be able to print your designs on paper, you will need a dot matrix, ink jet or laser printer.
  8. "You'll see my father there under Ink."
  9. Some of the media covered are: watercolour and wax, watercolour and ink, poster colour resist and ink, charcoal and acrylic, watercolour and gouache, watercolour and pastel, printing ink and other media, Indian ink and acrylic.
  10. Linda Kitson, Mustering to Disembark, 1982, pen and ink.
  11. Tufte divides the ink marks made to present a graphical display into two: data ink and chartjunk.
  12. They were just blobs of ink - but we made them think

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