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Перевод слова

Перевод: injure speek injure

ушибить; повредить; ранить; причинять боль; обидеть; оскорбить; причинять ущерб; испортить


  1. Individuals who repeatedly take overdoses or injure themselves constitute a group for which there is a considerable dearth of information, both of the causes of this behaviour and means of providing effective help.
  2. By 1919, mustard gas was known to injure not only the skin but also the bone marrow, preventing the formation of white blood cells and other essential elements of the blood.
  3. Two car bombs in Karachi kill 72 and injure 250; the authorities blame "saboteurs of foreign origin" (in the presence of such disasters, it takes a certain frivolity to care whether those who perpetrated the act were natives or not).
  4. The Quarter Sessions recorder found that the volume was obscene because its indiscriminate circulation would injure public morals, but he considered that the defendant's actions were redeemed by his innocent motive.
  5. How on earth can they protest about hunting when they are prepared to injure humans and horses in their cause?
  6. Some geldings will "tease" mares, and so can be a danger if on the other side of a wire fence, as a mare may strike out or kick at the gelding and injure herself in the fence.
  7. They went for him then, Alexander and Donald McLaggan, the Duke's two sons, dragged him from his father's side so that his head bounced on the steps, lifted him bleeding, like foresters keeping a dying deer clear of the hounds, and started to carry him down to the river "just to cool him off" but Cameron ran and gripped Donald's shoulder and shouted, "If you injure an officer it is treason on top of sedition," so they carried him back and laid him carefully at his father's feet.
  8. Factory-farming makes pollution, excessive meat-eating upsets the ecological balance, trapping and hunting can injure habitat, and so on.
  9. They didn't injure anyone that time - not physically, at any rate - but there must be mothers in Yorkshire who are still wondering if the babies were really sorted out correctly."
  10. A defence of justification does not fail by reason only that the truth of every charge is not proved, if the words not proved to be true do not materially injure the plaintiff's reputation having regard to the truth of the remaining charges.
  11. First, there had to be a major subversive or espionage activity that was likely to injure the national interest, and secondly the material likely to be obtained by the interception had to be of direct use in compiling the information necessary for the security services to carry out the tasks laid upon them by the state.
  12. Mothers have been warned that alcohol and tobacco - as well as various medicines and other chemicals - can injure a fetus.
  13. It is neither necessary that the occupation of tropical lands by Europeans should injure the natives in their enjoyment of life nor has it hitherto usually been the case.

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