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Перевод слова

Перевод: initiate speek initiate

принятый; вновь принятый; посвященный;
лицо, принятое в общество;
начать; приступать; положить начало; знакомить; посвящать в тайну; вводить в общество; принимать в члены общества


  1. The object is to initiate the ferret to its quarry.
  2. In addition there are conditions where the psychological component is only a small part of the story -it can make the symptoms worse but not initiate the illness.
  3. The Ministry will also initiate legislation for women.
  4. Where identified needs are not met by existing groups to initiate and organise appropriate training activities.
  5. Today, under the leadership of Dr Alberto Joo Jardim, President of the Autonomous Regional Government, Madeira is responsible for most of the administration of affairs that affect the Region and can initiate legislation in certain areas.
  6. Judy Dunn found that two-year-old second-born children were just as likely as their elders to initiate a quarrel, to tease, and to hit.
  7. The probabilities for events that could initiate a LOCA - pipe or component failures, transients and so on - is derived in part from data banks that store information on failure rates from reactors around the world, but the large majority of probabilities of system failures are determined from fault-tree techniques.
  8. Such a cohesive transformation under molecular drive could initiate new modes of biological organisation.
  9. "We have tried to initiate such action, you may be sure.
  10. Those who initiate racialist talk (without referring to a racist ideology) may be a minority too, but since they are rarely contradicted or opposed they tend to shape the norms of the group.
  11. Finally, in its most recent phase of operation, the agency has shifted the emphasis towards self-help models, where the SDA supports attempts by local communities (including both the public and private sectors) to initiate and to effect local economic development programmes.
  12. The government saw it as a means to increase the resources under its control; those few livestock owners who were aware of the project saw it as a means to acquire more stock and supplies of water, but with no thought of selling more of their animals; the Bank saw it as an intervention which would initiate a commercial livestock industry in Tanzania, a means of increasing resource utilization and exports.
  13. And the more you can show you have been closely involved in the battle from an early stage, the more weight you will carry if and when you decide to initiate legal action.

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