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Перевод слова

Перевод: infraction speek infraction

нарушение; надлом кости; инфракция


  1. Certainly there have been cases after Alladice , including the one in which these remarks were made, where infraction of the rules has led to the resultant evidence being declared inadmissible.
  2. In an area like Cambridgeshire, courtship habits remained highly ritualised and infraction of the informal norms brought social disapproval and public shaming even into the present century.
  3. Prime Factor was protested by Britain's Canon Express for an infraction of the basic right-of-way rule on the first leg of the fourth race.
  4. The perverse adult was the public schoolboy grown up, the infraction of the norm whose existence re-established it.
  5. In April 1989 the European Commission sent Britain its Reasoned Opinion alleging an infraction of the EC Drinking Water Directive and citing the UK's record on eliminating the hazard from lead.
  6. In fact Libya's only legal infraction came when it offered to release the two to the Arab League.
  7. Figure 6.1 The management of the blood glucose during myocardial infraction.
  8. Social groups create deviance by making rules whose infraction constitutes deviance and by applying those rules to particular people and labelling them as outsiders.
  9. Here, each individual act or continuing infraction may not amount to a significant harm of itself.
  10. But what distinguishes these interchanges is the fact that the offender is so often the first to recognise that an infraction has occurred and usually initiates the appropriate repair work without being asked to do so.
  11. Those who lay claim to these rights and expect to have violations recognised and remedied, know that they undertake reciprocal obligations and will be expected to provide appropriate remedies if they are guilty of infraction, even if innocently.
  12. In this sense the water authorities create pollution, as Becker might say (1963:9), by making the rules whose infraction constitutes pollution.
  13. Certain kinds of events legally definable as "pollution" are not followed by any action on the part of the field officer, supporting Becker's dictum that "an infraction of a rule does not mean that others will respond as though this had happened" (1963:12).

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