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Перевод слова

Перевод: impressive speek impressive

впечатляющий; выразительный; производящий глубокое впечатление; вальяжный


  1. Although not as extensive in its filter design as some of the above, it is still an impressive product.
  2. That same summer, the Club's Professional Fred Rhodes, enjoyed an impressive three rounds in two days - 70, 70 and 72, and a few weeks earlier he grossed a 65, simultaneously beating every best ball of his three playing partners who in best combination returned a 72.
  3. But Sue Grayson Ford has an impressive and commendable history and says she thrives on challenges.
  4. The mill still boasts its impressive chimney and mill clock, set in the front wall.
  5. Impressive for its weight and power, if not for its price.
  6. And it certainly did - entry quality was impressive and the finalists' machinery outstanding.
  7. There have been impressive developments of audio-visual aids recently and you might consider some of them if you're staging an ambitious project.
  8. And if that wasn't enough it also offered an impressive array of sexual permutations: gay, bi and toyboys, as well as old-fashioned adultery.
  9. The most impressive interior space of the mill was the engine room, from which power was transmitted to each floor by means of a rope-race that used cotton ropes of local manufacture.
  10. It is not user-friendly and leaves a lot to be desired for a software support product - rather surprising considering that the DSP32C is a very impressive device.
  11. Statistically the NSA is very impressive.
  12. This hotel, probably the most cosmopolitan of our units in Benidorm, is modern but built in the traditional Spanish way with large airy public rooms and a "cool" feel in similar fashion, all with private facilities and balconies which overlook the most impressive feature of the hotel - the pool area, which is a real sun trap.
  13. James IV, idealistic and militaristic, "first and foremost a warrior" as Dr Norman Macdougall has described him, spent at least 100,000 Scots (rather more than three years' income) on artillery and even more on his navy; 30,000 alone went on the building of the huge and spectacular Great Michael , a ship so impressive that it was promptly copied by Henry VIII, whose Henri Grace a Dieu was built virtually to the same specifications in 1512, a year after the Michael 's completion.

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