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Перевод слова

Перевод: imposing speek imposing

производящий сильное впечатление; внушительный; импозантный; вальяжный


  1. If the focus process suggests one candidate in an earlier "batch" than another, we can say that it is imposing a strong preference between those candidates; so strong that the second one will only be considered at all if the reasoner decides the first is completely implausible.
  2. Imposing English at all levels of the education system may not turn out to be either practical or appropriate.
  3. Bragg and Morton went through the imposing portal of the Civil Engineers' Hall, and looked about them.
  4. Kammerer must have been imposing such intense selection on such a large sample of eggs that he was able to filter out the odd egg that carried the remnant complex of genes still present in the species' gene pool at very low frequencies.
  5. When Richard died, in 1199, John succeeded him as King of England and Duke of Normandy but he abandoned the Duchy in 1203, only to prepare expeditions, in 1205, to recover his position in France, imposing heavy taxes in England.
  6. But it was an English Household clerk who in 1244 persuaded his royal master that his financial difficulties would be solved by making rigorous inquiries into encroachments on the Forest rights of the Crown, and imposing heavy amercements on those who made them.
  7. In their achievement as adults - each imposing his order on an external world he made his own - they were united in triumph.
  8. Malton Museum is housed in the imposing former Town Hall in the centre of the town's Market Place.
  9. I have often been worried that we are imposing more and more on a system of collective ministerial decision-taking that was designed for quite a different era.
  10. Great Britain is the richest empire on the globe: she has one imperial metropolis, and one small quarter of the general capital devoted to her public offices; if, therefore, there are any ten acres on the globe that ought to be covered with externally imposing and conveniently constructed public edifices, they are those adjoining Whitehall.
  11. If he departs from it when imposing redundancies, he will usually be acting unfairly.
  12. The 10-feet high palings, with their broad central gates and twin gas lamps, may not be as imposing as the metal fence around Buckingham Palace, but they do, in their modest way, suggest a sense of grandeur appropriate to a leader who has held office for 10 years.
  13. These will look imposing and create a dramatic effect with shadows.

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