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Перевод слова

Перевод: imperative speek imperative

повелительный; властный; обязывающий; настоятельный; крайне необходимый; императивный;
императив ; повелительное наклонение


  1. He plunged up the embankment, taking a grateful breath of fresh air, then turned and extended a large imperative hand to Catherine Crane and pulled her up beside him.
  2. The child's greed is obstructing awareness of consequences the facing of which would cause him to refrain; therefore to let the impulse to refrain prevail over the impulse to eat is a causally necessary condition of obeying the imperative.
  3. "Right," said Marco, in a hushed, imperative tone.
  4. It was imperative now to show that the British could still govern, and Irwin confounded his critics by showing that he was the man to do it.
  5. The movement from the initial grandly imperative wish for a creative act, reviving an older myth, to the final mundane narrative of the beginning of another, much less magnificent revival of potential creativity promised by "sal volatile/ And a glass of brandy neat" is a movement away from a first situation (that of Ariadne on Naxos) which we never see in itself; the painting conjured up and the other parallels to this first situation are interpretations not just of each other, but also of that first situation which, because a "myth" and so subject to constant reinterpretation, may never have happened in any of the ways presented, if indeed it ever took place at all.
  6. The impetus of the scientific imperative was followed by technical mistakes, followed by a disastrous failure, followed by official reassurances - and only eventually concluded by official backtracking in the face of outside scepticism.
  7. Two other oddities are worth noting: first, the list does not confine itself to words of "request", but includes imperative words such as impero (evidently a doubtful case) as well as mando , which is placed in the "normal" category, and does in fact turn up in several other texts; second, relinquo and commendo are excluded: why?
  8. The imperative to change comes from one of two sources, each of which has positive and negative aspects.
  9. It is imperative to gain the Head's assurance that confidentiality shall not be broken and to insist that the child shall not be discriminated against.
  10. Strict handwashing routines are imperative to prevent this.
  11. One might avoid the objection, following R. M. Hare, by interpreting "You don't want to be sick" as itself prescriptive, a logical imperative equivalent to "Don't get sick" disguised by the grammatically indicative form.
  12. A Santa Monica health club is so far the only place where Americans can switch E for O. In Hungary, however, such matters are more of an imperative than a luxury; over 10 per cent of the country's deaths are pollution-related.
  13. To preserve the value of our qualification, however, I feel that it is imperative that standards are maintained throughout the profession.

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