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Перевод слова

Перевод: imminent speek imminent

надвигающийся; грозящий; угрожающий; близкий (об опасности); нависший


  1. Hitler's extraordinary popular standing, built up in the peacetime years on the foundations of his perceived personal achievement in overcoming economic and political crisis, ridding Germany of unemployment, and making the nation great again through an astonishing series of diplomatic coups, was maintained in the first phase of the war; it was then even further elevated through the scarcely conceivable run of military victories attained with minimal loss and sacrifice and, not least, through the prospect he continued to hold up of an imminent glorious end to the war.
  2. It is to be hoped that data-base technology can be developed quickly enough to meet the imminent requirements for data management in very large hyper-bases.
  3. During the early 1970s, when the sort of thinking exemplified by Limits to Growth permeated official forecasts of imminent shortages of strategic commodities, the CIA toyed with the idea that "The United States" near-monopoly position as a food exporter could give it a measure of power it never had before."
  4. He liked Donald a great deal; and the prospect of the man's imminent death did nothing to dispel this feeling, since he was the person directly responsible for this state of affairs.
  5. One disputed point is whether words alone can constitute an assault: the preponderance of authority is probably that mere words, unaccompanied by any threatening conduct, cannot amount to an assault, but if the point of the offence is to penalize the creation of fear of imminent attack, it is difficult to see why utterances such as "Get out the knives" or "Let's hit them" should be regarded more indulgently than a raised hand.
  6. This is not the age of Aquarius, as the 1960s song so misleadingly supposed: it is the age of imminent judgment.
  7. When the invasion of England seemed imminent, all signposts, station names and place names were removed.
  8. Mr Calfa, aged 43, is a Slovak, as is President Gustav Husak, whose imminent departure is all but certain given his association with the Warsaw Pact invasion of the country in 1968.
  9. Although the main emphasis of the book is, as I have said, on the process of coping, rather than on the content of what needs to be coped with, nonetheless the discussion will look somewhat abstract if we do not place it within the context of the Education Reform Act and the other present or imminent changes that are around.
  10. Finally, there are the prophecies of Alexander's imminent death which were circulating weeks before his death.
  11. Reasonable excuse may be found where a person carries a weapon as self protection from imminent attack ( Evans v Hughes 1972 3 All ER 412).
  12. In Africa Rommel's forces had driven the weakened British units right back across Cyrenaica into Egypt, while the Balkans were firmly in German hands following the fall of Yugoslavia and Greece, and an invasion of Crete seemed imminent.
  13. After opening firmer, the dollar lost ground on expectations of an imminent easing of monetary policy by the US Federal Reserve but strong demand pushed it 0.80 pfennigs higher at DM1.8925.

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