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Перевод слова

Перевод: immense speek immense

огромный; громадный; безмерный; необъятный; бескрайний; великолепный; замечательный


  1. This was a city to get lost in, to come alive in, a city of immense contrasts, warmth and vitality.
  2. To my contemporaries then at this time, a helmet was possessed of immense symbolic importance.
  3. The immense amount of solar energy which growing plants capture by photosynthesis and convert into chemical energy - some 30 BTOE per year or more than four times the world's yearly total commercial energy consumption - is a renewable source of energy which offers great potential.
  4. The result was that a great deal of effort went into recording the habitats seen to be under threat, and the material collated within the Symposium volume (Boyd, 1979b) proved to be of immense value.
  5. In fact President Mitterrand's grandiose opera house "modern and popular" was originally an idea of Vilar's - an opera with immense auditoria to replace the old Palais Garnier.
  6. About the immense difficulty that would undoubtedly be experienced by rescue teams.
  7. The local authorities who approved such acts seemed unaware of the immense capital sums, not to mention years of work, that had gone into creating these libraries since their foundation in Victorian times, and their complete loss by the simple act of dispersal.
  8. In the studio, in the early days of tape and LP, Karajan and Legge took immense care, not only over microphone placing and instrumental balance (some of their old mono recordings sound positively stereophonic), but also over the general artistic ambience.
  9. Because, according to Phl, "monetary policy must not be obstructed by fiscal policy", an "independent" central bank would not only be completely unprecedented in recent history, it would also represent an immense concentration of power in the hands of unaccountable bankers, who would perforce be implementing policies which might be very unpopular, within an area in which there may well not be the kind of national consensus which obtains in Germany.
  10. He could see now it was an immense refrigerated truck weighing God knew how many tons.
  11. For this was Novgorod, ancient, wooden, like the bole of an immense tree that has been carved into the likeness of a city, Novgorod the Great, a gilded fortress of the Romanov Empire.
  12. It made an immense difference to military operations in Africa, stimulated research for other virus vaccines, and led to the award, in 1951, of a Nobel prize to the medical scientist Max Theiler (1899-;1972).
  13. Vertical pitches descend 250 feet to an immense cavern, second in dimensions only to the chamber in Gaping Gill.

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