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Перевод слова

Перевод: imagine speek imagine

воображать; представлять себе; предполагать; думать; полагать; догадываться; понимать; вообразить; вызывать в воображении; мнить


  1. Imagine the mentality
  2. I imagine he was at home with his highly attractive wife."
  3. "Really, Breeze," said Felicity, when the last guest had departed, "what you can see in these rustics I simply can't imagine.
  4. To strengthen the centre, I imagine."
  5. Can any reader imagine a female presenter who dressed like Ludovic Kennedy, postured like Jeremy Paxman, had a nose like Alastair Burnet?
  6. But he'll have a sore head for a pretty long time, I should imagine."
  7. Never again will they be sentimental and imagine that being a cleaner is superior to being an administrator.
  8. It's hard to imagine Mr Fogg, for example, ever having been a train-spotter: if there was any train-spotting to be done, Mr Fogg would have despatched his loyal French manservant Passepartout to do it on his behalf.
  9. That's a tricky one, but one thing's for sure: it's much, much harder to make a worthwhile Rickenbacker copy than a worthwhile Fender copy, and I should imagine that Rickenbacker themselves view these particular replicas as a bit of an insult.
  10. Little did I imagine that such a move was destined for me within the next two years.
  11. Each line speaks volumes about the lives of the real people (in the first two instances) and the characters (in the third example) involved, and if ever you feel in need of a cure for insomnia just memorize one of these quotations, take it to bed with you, and try to imagine the events that could have preceded and followed the moment described in each of the brief extracts.
  12. She would imagine calling him up to her room every night before he went home to bed with a man, and taking her silver hairbrush from her desk and brushing his hair out like a daughter's, one hundred strokes every night.
  13. Imagine walking out one day and thinking about the light.

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