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Перевод слова

Перевод: idealize speek idealize

идеализировать; придерживаться идеалистических взглядов


  1. Those concerned about football hooliganism today idealize the stable post-war years when it was safe to be on the terraces and one could walk the streets at night.
  2. While society continues to idealize the two-parent family and regard it as the norm, there is a danger that remarriage will be seen as the solution to the individual and social problems associated with widowhood, marital separation and single parenthood.
  3. Tends to idealize possible outcomes.
  4. Someone else might realize: "I dream and idealize a lot, because I was left so much to my own company."
  5. Feminists also often use psychoanalysis to idealize sexuality.
  6. It is therefore unwise at the pilot stage, when these goals and assumptions are still being formulated, to idealize away too much from the data.
  7. To what extent is a romantic yearning for a lost Eden making him idealize the island, and on the other hand how much of his caution is inertia and fear of the new?
  8. Like traditional psychological methods, woman-centred methods idealize individual subjects, isolating and containing them.
  9. There is a blood poison in America; you can idealize the place (easier now that Europe is so damd shaky) all you like, but you haven't a drop off the cursed blood in you, and you don't need to fight the disease day and night; you never had to.
  10. It is, anyway, easy to idealize the "egalitarian amateurism" of oral cultures.
  11. But, witness this example, there is no single method for conceptualizing which would let one idealize bureaucrats and, say, charismatic leaders together.
  12. Some feminists also idealize symbol systems, as arenas of unproblematic female community: "laughter is a form of communication which is understood by both of us", Hobson, a middle-class researcher, writes, of her interview with a working-class housewife (1981: 82).
  13. To idealize Cuddesdon has been easy for many.

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