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Перевод слова

Перевод: huge speek huge

огромный; громадный; гигантский


  1. The machine flies over friendly territory, but its huge side-looking radar can pick out enemy ground targets up to 200 miles away, allowing it to direct air, artillery or missile strikes against them.
  2. But it was the spirit of Henley, with huge crowds enjoying amateur sport, presented with administrative finesse, which Keller took as the yardstick for the international circuit.
  3. In keeping with the grand design, the sewers designed by Haussmann and his great engineer Belgrand were so magnificent that to this day they form part of the tourist's Paris, for it is possible to cruise through these huge well-lighted caverns in a boat.
  4. Those huge rooms.
  5. That means not only do I get a glass of beer and a scone by the fire, and the chance to pat one of their huge pack of gorgeous shiny dogs, but if I ask politely and don't step on the Jack Russell, I also get permission to bring my car along the private road.
  6. She made a huge effort to calm herself.
  7. The Wheal Martyn works ceased commercial production in 1968 , but visitors can now see the whole history and process of producing china clay, as well as the machinery used, which included a huge breastshot waterwheel of 35 feet diameter, to drive pumps in the quarry pit.
  8. Normally, they would seek to make that up by selling some of their huge holdings of securities.
  9. Her small hand was enveloped by his huge one, and squeezed.
  10. The posters blew the title huge and diagonal across the complete vision.
  11. Generally, though, the effect is one of stillness, of supreme design: it is only in passing a family raising picks over their heads to break the deep brown clods that you consider the huge effort which has made this landscape.
  12. A few army bell tents were put up quickly, but the marquees remained packed in huge bales while lorries kept arriving with yet more gear.
  13. The army is mindful of its prestige, and the strength of public feeling was shown by the huge turn-out (over 300,000 people) for an anti-military rally in central Moscow on the first Sunday after the killings in Vilnius.

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