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Перевод: hot speek hot

горячий; жаркий; накаленный; страстный; свежий; пылкий; темпераментный; разгоряченный; возбужденный; раздраженный; страстно увлекающийся; близкий к цели; острый; пряный; резкий; кричащий; теплый (о цвете); сладострастный; похотливый; забористый; опасный; бедовый; высокорадиоактивный; только что украденный или незаконно приобретенный; усиленно разыскиваемый полицией;
горячо; жарко;
пустая болтовня;
разогревать; подогревать; нагревать; нагреваться; топить; согревать; согреваться; горячить; накаливать; накаляться; разгорячить; раздражать


  1. Hot food and drinks should not be placed on a table where there is an overhanging tablecloth; in a second, a scalding accident can occur if a child pulls on the over-hanging end of the cloth.
  2. Three hot meals a day.
  3. An economy version of the more glamorous (and expensive) XR3i "hot hatch".
  4. Donald had his brow lowered now like a bullock and his eyes were hot.
  5. We have a quick swim in the dark, cold water, touching the sandy bottom with our toes as we dive off the raft, the evening still bright, still hot.
  6. Purplish patches were already forming and Miss Fogerty knew from her first-aid classes that she should really be applying hot and cold water in turn to the damaged joint.
  7. The problem with hot water is that the heat is low grade and in addition suitable sites must be explored for, like oil.
  8. And somewhere through the hotel muzak lurks the sensation that things used to be different, that we (my brother and I) hadn't always been wrapped in jumpers, silent, staring at the screen, that the days used to be hot and long.
  9. The air was incredibly hot, and she opened the balcony doors.
  10. Hot and cold plunge baths were provided and it was the custom to move from one room to another, sometimes bathing, sometimes playing games or exercising, or simply relaxing in the warmth and enjoying oneself.
  11. Lacking such belief, will not Labour be wrested from its pragmatic and up-to-date policies at the first whiff of hot breath on Prime Minister Kinnock's neck?
  12. The hot, hot multimedia system out there right now was developed by Robert Abel, the noted Hollywood middleman and go-getter extraordinaire.
  13. Polo moves in on "hot" brigade

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