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  1. Jude Moraes, horticulturist and garden expert, started her company back in 1979 "with a bicycle and a pair of secateurs".
  2. Youngest contestant Graeme Suddick, 16, of Consett, won a place in the regional semi-finals of the Young Horticulturist of the Year competition in a heat at Houghall College last week.
  3. The sixth Duke never married, but he was a great horticulturist, and it is believed it was his interest and influence which led to the establishment of the Royal Horticultural Society at Chiswick.
  4. He now has two gardeners working full time: Dennis, a grand old boy who has scarcely been out of Gloucestershire in his life - and has been looking after foxhounds for the Duke of Beaufort for most of it; and Trevor Jacobs, a younger and professionally qualified horticulturist.
  5. Now I'm an ex-gardener I'm a horticulturist it take roughly about forty years for trees to reach maturity it doesn't say much for our planners if they plan to put those trees there and then now are gonna have them up again it sounds much like change for changes sake and that that it basically my comment.
  6. His brother Bartholomew was a horticulturist and landscape gardener in Walham Green, Fulham.
  7. He constructed much of his own research apparatus, experimented with violin making, designed novel coils to improve wireless reception, and was a keen horticulturist.
  8. , Lady Dorothy Fanny (1826-;1913), hostess, horticulturist, and collector, was born 1 April 1826 at 11 Berkeley Square, London.
  9. He was a great horticulturist and introduced many species of rare flowering trees to the island.
  10. A highly qualified horticulturist found his responsible and mainly administrative post terribly exhausting after his hearing became impaired.
  11. Although the Dictionary had comparatively few botanical illustrations, its text was augmented with more technical diagrams for the practical horticulturist such as those of melon frames and wine presses.
  12. There he brought himself to the notice of George Clifford, the wealthy Amsterdam banker and horticulturist (see p. 50), who had engaged young Linnaeus as his personal physician and as recorder of his garden plants.
  13. The house was built by T.H. March (the then American Consul) who was an avid collector of plants and at the beginning of this century it was the home of Dr Herbert Watney, a great horticulturist.

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