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Перевод слова

Перевод: homey speek homey

домашний; напоминающий родной дом


  1. "But we're homey, aren't we?"
  2. "Even back at primary school I was more of a homey, crafty person.
  3. Deeper insight into Damon's contradictory personality can be found in his second-favourite In Living Color character, Homey, a circus clown with an attitude, whose disdainful refrain, "Homey don't play that!" now echoes through schoolyards across America.
  4. Marjorie Yates is a much stronger figure as the alternately homey, vulnerable, and fiercely possessive Kate.
  5. He called most of the "Homes" or "Homey" for "homeboy".
  6. Despite a long day of rehearsals, and a long tiring performance, Gracie was the life of the party, and her homey Lancashire friendliness made everyone love her.
  7. It was homey.
  8. They all thought me secure, even if they didn't find Cliff Top exactly homey.
  9. It looked as if all traces of the cluttered, lived-in, homey kitchen, the heart and hearth of the home, had gone for ever.
  10. Her husband, Martin, is a husky, pipe-smoking, grey-haired man with a handlebar moustache, sitting broadly in his armchair, homey and smug.

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