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Перевод: hole speek hole

дыра ; захолустье; дырка ; полость ; отверстие; углубление; яма ; ямка ; нора ; впадина ; лачуга ; затруднительное положение; отдушина ; канал для воздуха; раковина ; шурф ; шпур ; скважина ; воздушная яма; лунка ; лунка для мяча; душник ; свищ ;
продырявить; просверлить; пробить; прорыть; загнать в нору; загнать в лунку; бурить скважину


  1. One example my coal hole accommodated for nigh on ten years was a case of Krug I bought after a successful poker evening.
  2. "Well, when a stag mates with a hind, he first scrapes a hole in the ground Then he gets her head and shoulders down the hole, leaving her rear end sticking up in the air so he can sort of get at her easier like."
  3. Killington has 50cm of fresh snow, 700 skiable acres and 105 trails open, while Jackson Hole, Steamboat, Sunlight, Vail, Cooper, and Beaver Creek are 95 per cent open.
  4. Uphill again to the 17th, a gem of a hole on many courses yet merely ordinary at Augusta, the distinctive feature being Eisenhower's Pine encroaching into the fairway.
  5. If you use a SWB rear axle with the diff hole blanked off, the SWB springs will run within the LWB ones.
  6. Over the back of the 18th hole is out-of-bounds; you don't want to go in the bunker on the right short of the green where Graham finished up, so Sandy played it left-to-right.
  7. From the tower I climbed carefully down to the causeway and walked amid screeching seabirds to the end of the island, where the foaming water was groaning and pounding dramatically into a wide gash in the rock, known as the Blow Hole.
  8. "What hole?"
  9. This undulating course at Beauport Park is situated in picturesque surroundings and each hole is tree lined.
  10. But it is worth bearing in mind that he is a fine iron player and, until his seven at the 10th hole in the third round of the Players' Championship, he was jointly leading the field.
  11. However, the fact that contractors have allowed Thames to bore a hole in their earnings reveals the true nature of the relationship.
  12. Coal hole covers were made in different patterns and embossed with the name of the foundry; outside older houses, the bootscrapers can often still be seen.
  13. - Scotland 12, Italy 6 (overnight: Scotland led 6-;2): Foursomes: G Lowson (Auchterarder) D Robertson (Cochrane Castle) bt L Flori M Severa 2 1; W Bryson (Drumpellier) and C Watson (East Renfrewshire) lost to M Aragnetti L Bernardini 2 1; J Milligan (Kilmarnock Barassie) G Hay (Downfield) bt E Nistri M Scarpa 1 hole.

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