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Перевод слова

Перевод: hold speek hold

трюм ; удерживание; захват ; владение; власть ; влияние; то, за что можно ухватиться; опора ; ушко; фермата ; пауза ; понимание; способность понимания;
держать; удерживать; сдерживать; задерживать; придерживать; останавливать; продержать; владеть; иметь; оборонять [воен.]; не поддаваться; вмещать; содержать в себе; заключать в себе; полагать; считать; держать в тюрьме; выдерживать; держаться; стоять (о погоде); иметь силу (о законе); оставаться в силе; оказывать влияние на кого-л.; занимать; овладевать; придерживаться мнения; резервировать; сохранять; проводить; устраивать; праздновать; отмечать; вести


  1. Hold down Alt and tap P for Plain paragraph format ( see Task 14).
  2. Compton Mackenzie used the incident as the theme for his superb book, Whisky Galore , and in 1989 a company was formed to salvage anything remaining intact in no. 5 hold.
  3. Extra sail stretchers either in the form of rigid stand-offs made of carbon fibre rod, or flexible glass fibre rods forced by compression into a curve which push the sail upwards and backwards, have become regular features.These serve to dampen the flutter, and to hold the sail form during the critical launch stage in low wind speeds.Trailing edge stiffening with mylar film or mesh overlay is used on some designs.
  4. Hold still in this position for 20 counts and feel the stretch in your spine and legs.
  5. A guest at the Los Angeles hotel where the 30,000 video was shot revealed: "Sade kept on having to hold her breath for the scenes in the pool.
  6. Some of her family and friends who knew that her marriage was unsuccessful may assume that her feelings about her husband's death could only be those of relief that their life together is over at last and that she is now free to seek a better future for herself; not realising that if a woman has lived with a man for many years, unless he has treated her with extreme cruelty, and shown her no love at all throughout the whole of their marriage, some kind of bond is bound to have existed between them, and that even if he left her with only a handful of good memories of times they spent together, it is likely that she may want to hold on to them, cherish them, and even build upon them.
  7. It might be the place where the young of the West come to be seen, but it is the old guard who hold their ground, the poets and writers, pamphleteers and musicians who leave their mark on the atmosphere of this enchanted city.
  8. He then went on to London, to hold talks with Beaverbrook and other Air Ministry officials.
  9. Use crumpled chicken wire to hold the flower stems in place.
  10. The first thing you learn up in Kisumu is that none of the churches are large enough to hold the large congregations attending Mass.
  11. His hand had reached for her and a sigh of relief at finding her had come from him and she had turned deeply into his arms to let him hold her there.
  12. Exactly that, although God knows confidence is difficult enough to hold on to.
  13. Insignia bought the Phoenix and ITI technology years ago and continues to hold the residual rights.

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