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Перевод слова

Перевод: hoist speek hoist

подъем ; подъемник ; поднятие; лебедка ; лифт ; ворот ;
поднимать; выкидывать


  1. She also thought Esther would need a hoist to get in and out of the bath.
  2. From the gable of the south-west elevation projects a boarded "lucarne", or sack hoist enclosure, a feature which is characteristic of many older flour mills.
  3. Well aware of English fears, Napoleon III decided that a joint Anglo-French approach to the problems of the Near East would be popular in Britain and would provide him with the lever he sought to hoist France into place in the European system.
  4. We had to take all the gear up in a hoist.
  5. The latest squabble between supermarkets and banks over the latter's unilateral decision to hoist transaction charges may of course make debit cards less attractive to consumers if the charges end up being passed on.
  6. Cayard was recalled instantly by the committee but it took them 40 seconds to hoist the French recall signal, by which time they were well up the track.
  7. Gazzer leaned over as far as he dared and gave her a hand, holding on to her arm while she helped Simon to hoist himself up.
  8. These are proving particularly popular with younger disabled people, and a special hoist is available to lift people from wheelchair into boat if needed.
  9. If the patient has good sitting balance, but not much standing balance, he may be able to sit in a hoist to be lifted into the bath.
  10. A long bandage was fixed to the bottom of the bed and he was encouraged and bullied to pull on this several times a day, and hoist himself forward and perform exercises to rebuild the muscles of his butchered back.
  11. She was very determined, and very soon after her return home she was managing the stairs, and later she was able to use the bath without a hoist.
  12. I remember that when I had my first Meccano set, Dad made a simple hoist which was clamped to the table, a pulley was fixed to a hook above the mirror and my Teddy Bear used to go on trips up to the ceiling.
  13. The nineteenth century saw the mill converted to flour milling, with three pairs of millstones driven by an overshot waterwheel of 22 foot diameter, and it was probably then that a weatherboarded hoist loft was added to the building.

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