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Перевод слова

Перевод: hire speek hire

наем ; прокат ; плата за наем;
нанимать; подряжать; брать напрокат; сдавать внаем


  1. The new allowance will apply to all plant and machinery except cars, other than taxis, short-term hire cars and mobility allowance vehicles for the disabled.
  2. But the local councillors in Rotherham lacked the political sophistication of their neighbouring big-city colleagues and they turned down our application to hire the room.
  3. Neither Jochen Mass nor Patrick Tambay did much to push him towards fresh championships; his Number One status in the team was assured without effort, and I have often been led to wonder what would have happened if Teddy Mayer had been smart enough to hire a young hot-shot to give Master James a needed shot in the arm.
  4. Contact this excellent hire shop at 80 Sandridge Road, St Albans (0727 40759).
  5. Car hire, petrol, food and drink do not come cheap.
  6. If you decide to hire a car, just state this when you confirm your holiday and complete the box on the booking form on page 89.
  7. Something old IF YOU would like to wear a Victorian veil at your wedding, the Royal School of Needlework has 12 for hire.
  8. "You can have the Eagle," said the man in the hire shop, lifting down an impressively robust cycle, black and menacing in its studded tires.
  9. A modern spacious terminal, situated alongside and integrated to the railway station just inside the main harbour entrance, provides passenger and car booking offices for PO European Ferries and Sealink British Ferries, a travel centre for Northern Ireland Railways and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board, bookstall, buffet, currency exchange and car hire facilities.
  10. Boats were for hire by the hour and they had rowed on the lake.
  11. The investment made by such wholesale funeral furnishers would have been fairly steep, yet they were able to recoup on their capital outlay through hire charges, which were in turn passed on by the undertaker to the client.
  12. Some contracts, such as hire purchase contracts and contracts for the sale and purchase of land, need to be in a special form.
  13. Employers in both public and private sectors can hire exhibition "stands" with display boards advertising job opportunities on offer.

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