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  1. These were amplified by a variety of non-verbal sign-systems such as gesture, posture, music, clothing, gender relationships, as well as other aspects of the hippie life related to an alternative political and social belief which were alien to our experience.
  2. The opening sequence cross-cuts the reluctant confessions of a young wife (Andie MacDowell) to her therapist, with the arrival in town of a left-over hippie (James Spader).
  3. Thus the Beatles' song became the anthem for hippie activists, and a mock-up submarine was built to head a peace parade of 10,000 through New York City.
  4. Meanwhile, we the wise, to quote Erving Goffman (1963) are allowed increasing manpower to pursue the cannabis/hallucinogenic using folk devil and to present the incompetent and the inept from the hippie element to the courts and the public for their solace; and to assure them that drug taking is being stamped out.
  5. When I first met him he was just an averagely quiet spoken, fairly intelligent hippie and gradually, the perversity and debauchery crept in.
  6. It is now also dawning on us that, while they may have dropped their hippie beads and trinkets, they failed to let go of their new world view.
  7. The happy hippie origins
  8. In the heart of the vast city, Daddy again, his brown eyes bright, you could see his sparse hair growing down by the minute into the Hippie pigtail he'd been too young or too old and always too respectable to wear
  9. Rex Reed, a writer for the New York Times saw Nicholson when he had just finished making On A Clear Day and thought that Jack was starting to make establishment noises, cleaning up his image, shaving his stubble and ditching the sandals and hippie clothes.
  10. Whoever heard of a hippie with short hair?
  11. It was a strong and diverse movement which originally had its roots in the hippie communes and the pop lyrics of the earlier Sixties, but had, by the end of the decade, encompassed so many political and social causes - particularly in America - that governments had a full-time spy network, through the likes of the FBI, the CIA and Scotland Yard's Special Branch, keeping tabs on its leaders.
  12. This was an era when phrases such as "turning on", "dropping out", and "scoring shit" moved into the language; and when our newly discovered deviants caused an incredible moral panic as wreathed in clouds of incense or cannabis smoke and symbolically clutching well thumbed copies of iconic tomes such as the I Ching , they joined the "hippie trail to Katmandu".
  13. Unfortunately, Jack Kerouac never lived to see the success of it, ironically passing on to that great hippie gathering in the sky on 21 October 1969.

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