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Перевод слова

Перевод: hence speek hence

отсюда; с этих пор; следовательно


  1. The family took as their emblem a ladder, hence the family name, hence the name of the church and hence the name of the opera house.
  2. Hence no enzyme is made.
  3. The fell is reputedly the last place in England where a wild boar was killed, hence the name, and has other claims to distinction.
  4. Hence, the obsessive nature of the man weighted the article towards the angle that Morrissey had originally feared.
  5. When the individual produces a germ cell (egg or sperm), one of the two genes, chosen randomly, is transmitted to that cell, and hence to the offspring.
  6. Although not explicit in Malinowski's theory, it is apparent that hunter-gatherer belief systems also express a strong feeling of anxiety or guilt about killing and exploiting non-human-animals, hence the notion that punishment can only be avoided by behaving in a respectful way towards individual animals and nature in general.
  7. Heart leb here signifies the seat of thought, not emotion, so is more akin to "mind"; hence, to labour the analogy somewhat, law is written into identity and consciousness rather than heart in the modern sense.
  8. His full support for the anti-Saddam coalition has not been universally popular: hence his latest diplomatic effort, which he must hope will still redound to his credit and give the Soviet Union a useful base on which to build a role in the post-war Middle East.
  9. But it seems to be widely accepted as inevitable that indiscipline will not be eradicated, no matter how positive or imaginative the school tries to be; hence the need to be able to apply sanctions and punishments, "to register disapproval of unacceptable behaviour and as a last resort to protect the necessary authority of teachers and the stability of the school system".
  10. This usually means effects on the processes of embryonic development and hence on bodily form and behaviour.
  11. We're about to move into more sophisticated harmonic applications for Pentatonics, hence my concern for your fluency with all five shapes.
  12. A model of Christian living and hence of holiness which relied on images of separation and apartness became highly suspect.
  13. Drill four 5/16in holes in each to take the pencils, turn them 90 and drill a 1/2in hole 1 in from one end and along the joint; this forms a half hole in each block, and hence the reason for making two holders.

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