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Перевод слова

Перевод: height speek height

высота ; вышина ; высь ; рост ; возвышенность ; холм ; верх ; высшая степень


  1. At the height of the crisis his church sent a cablegram to Brooklyn: "Queen Street Church, Wolverhampton, sends greetings and prays for perfect peace between England and America.
  2. At the height of the Anglo Irish agreement, McMurdo severed his links with the Conservative Party and set up an ill-fated Scottish Unionist Party.
  3. Visual observation in the Auvergne uplands gave the distinct impression that autumn grazing levels are not as high as in the Welsh uplands judging by the height of vegetation in pastures and on more extensive grassland areas.
  4. He was thrown about in the back of the car and the driver was having a Chinese attack of the wobblies made worse by bouts of dizziness and sickness due to the height at which they were travelling.
  5. There is an entrance hall of perfect proportions, which is twice as long as it is square, and leading off it are three reception rooms of great height and elegance.
  6. He was of medium height, with broad shoulders, and, of course, his famous fair complexion and red beard.
  7. If an inexperienced pilot finds himself in a situation where a field landing seems necessary, he should make the decision to choose a field and plan the landing properly, while there is height and time to spare.
  8. What is new however is the suggestion, which at the time of writing must have appeared as the height of impertinence, that the Greek and Roman states originated in much the same kind of confederation as the Iroquois.
  9. WE HAVE become used to seeing Thomas Keneally centre his novels on well-researched historical events, from the charge of Joan of Arc (in the extraordinary Blood Red, Sister Rose of 1974) through the convict settlement of Australia, the American civil war and the negotiations that ended World War I to his Booker Prize-winner, Schindler's Ark, set in Poland at the height of the holocaust, an unforgettable and moving book.
  10. The system of government by close liaison with the Church was maintained in Germany by Henry II and Henry III, and under the latter rose to its height.
  11. Eustathius's anger reaches a new height and, after an exchange with him, Emilia complains:
  12. The Centurion guarantees quicker, easier and safer lawnmowing incorporating a lightweight chassis and a height adjuster operated at the touch of a button.
  13. There is a fifty-foot waterwheel in situ , but demonstrations of machinery and techniques pale beside the awesome sight of the vast quarry itself, extending to an enormous height up the slopes of Elidir Fawr in a great series of terraces.

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