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Перевод слова

Перевод: heathen speek heathen

язычник ; варвар ; неуч


  1. Thomas said, "The heathen bastards!"
  2. In the same way, it's the heathen elements of Pop that trouble the sober-minded rock fan, keen to see through the superficial, engage with the depth of an artist,
  3. "The little heathen thought you might combine against Zacco."
  4. From my understanding, more than a quarter of a million TM practitioners in England are in ignorance, currently invoking heathen deities twice a day, and the majority do not even know it!
  5. The miracle, which might have saved her life and converted the heathen, was not granted.
  6. He conjured before their minds a poetic word-picture of St Aidan coming from Iona in Scotland and settling there with his band of monks to pray and to spread Christianity among the heathen English; and spoke of St Cuthbert to whom on that spot the people went to seek help and comfort and guidance, until he fled across the sands and sea to be alone with God on his island - so carry the lesson back, to a county black with people and with coal, carry back the need for quiet, and separation from whirl, and silence; and so heaven will be nearer.
  7. Joicey stopped, claymore clutched, eyes blazing furiously, face red with rage: "I'll show you what I mean, you heathen," Joicey roared.
  8. Wolfram may never have seen a Muslim; but he preaches, with outspoken conviction, the common humanity, the common place in God's purpose, of Christian and heathen - "spare God's handiwork".
  9. In an age of imperial expansion and active missionary endeavour, it became harder to believe that everywhere the heathen were damned for their ignorance.
  10. It was a vow to abstain from theft and oppression and injustice, no less than from heathen practices and witchcraft; a vow to do no wrong to the Churches of God, nor to injure widows and orphans, of whom the emperor is the chosen protector and guardian.
  11. During this time, Henry Spalding drove a wedge into the Nez Perce tribe, dividing them into Christians, who followed his preaching, and the "heathen" faction, who maintained their traditional beliefs.
  12. As a Christian and an anointed king Edmund could not (according to the legend) submit to the heathen Dane; he preferred, in the words of the pagan Horace, "to die for his country".
  13. "During the whole of her illness, prayer was made without ceasing by the whole Church on her behalf, and I felt persuaded that the Lord would yet hear us and for His name's sake appear as the one prayer-hearing God - for the heathen around knew what was done, and would say, "Where is now your God? ''"

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