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Перевод: heat speek heat

жара ; жар ; тепло; теплота ; теплота чувств; нагрев ; зной ; накал ; пыл ; азарт ; отборочные соревнования; сильное возбуждение; раздражение; гнев ; разгар ; что-либо, сделанное в один прием; забег ; заезд ; заплыв ; часть состязания; период течки;
нагревать; подогревать; разогревать; греть; согревать; нагреваться; погреться; согреваться; обогревать; калить; накалять; накаливать; накалить; накаляться; топить; отапливать; протопить; отопить; горячить; раздражать; разгорячить


  1. Hot flushes are caused by the capillaries suddenly filling with blood to give a sudden rush to the face, neck and shoulders, with extra body heat and perspiration.
  2. All the heat is on Madonna who stars as Breathless Mahoney, the quintessential good/bad girl in yet another bid for Hollywood stardom.
  3. It is important not to soak potatoes, as this leaches out the vitamin, and not to overcook cabbage and other green vegetables, as heat gradually destroys Vitamin C. Rosehip tea is also an excellent source of this vitamin, as is fresh lemon juice, which is permissible on this diet as it contains little sugar.
  4. In May the Girls would sit out on the steel fire escapes during shows and write home complaining about the unaccustomed heat.
  5. The heat was fierce that June - 102 degrees in the shade at one time - but Mrs Browning went out in it and seemed to have forgotten such scorching sun had once enervated her to the point of collapse.
  6. When tightening hook knots, pull the line very slowly - this helps to prevent heat from friction, which can so easily damage fine diameter monofilament.
  7. Heat the oil in a large pan, add the onion and cook covered for 4-;5min over a moderate heat.
  8. Red lentil dhal is a popular side dish for Indian meals, being rather bland and having the effect of cooling the heat of the curry.
  9. "In extreme heat you have to take a breather and slow things down.
  10. The frame should have thermal breaks built to help with energy conservation and heat retention.
  11. At Richmond a lot of people get off the train and I take refuge in a Smoking compartment where the heat is not on.
  12. Did they have to use these foul lights that blistered the back of his neck with heat and almost blinded him, making his eyes water with their stabbing?
  13. Unlike most extruded synthetic fibres, duck down has a branched and ramifying structure which makes it an unrivalled heat insulator.

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