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Перевод слова

Перевод: have speek have

мошенничество; обман ;
иметь; обладать; иметь в составе; получать; добиваться; знать; понимать; содержать; взять верх; победить; обмануть; разочаровать; проводить; родить; приносить потомство; испытывать; подвергаться; терпеть; допускать; позволять; говорить; утверждать


  1. But who could have seen her in the park and reported back this quickly?
  2. The association has had calls from hundreds of sufferers after a report that 17 people on human insulin have died this year.
  3. If you have a family that you care for, and your job is to be a carer, do you spend any time on yourself?
  4. Aptly summing up this situation, Green (1972: 96) said that "while some court imposed fines achieve compensation and others create deterrence, anti-trust fines have the distinction of doing neither".
  5. Even though he appears to have been born with the skills, he needs to build up a substantial repertoire of techniques.
  6. Samuel Butler and others have pilloried the Victorian paterfamilias, and there were indeed families that suffered the tyranny of fathers using religion as one of their instruments of subjection.
  7. Gone is Mr Morley as presiding anchorman and the device of splitting the evening between actors and singers: instead we have Simon Cadell and Patricia Hodge evoking the platonic passion of Noel Coward and Gertrude Lawrence and giving us generous helpings of songs and scenes from the shows.
  8. Experiments and modern calculations suggest that the Sutton Hoo type boat could average a speed of 3 knots for little more than six hours, so that a crossing of the North Sea from Holland to East Anglia could have been achieved in about 14 days, although if sails were available the time would be considerably less (Green 1963).
  9. Unless you are fortunate enough to possess one of the new super-format camcorders in which these defects have been ironed out, the solution is to steer clear of such subjects.
  10. The arch-Kinnockites in the Tribune Group have shifted entirely into John Smith's camp and are thus considered to have come out in their true colours as right-wingers.
  11. The use of real stone would have made the shell too heavy to move, and so carved and painted wood to represent the creamy white of Lutyens's favourite Portland stone was used.
  12. He couldn't have attachments - not really.
  13. In larger economic terms, however, some previous attempts at intervention in the regions have been misguided, even patronising, assuming the North best supported by being kept in its place and in the (terminal) condition it should expect.

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