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Перевод слова

Перевод: harm speek harm

вред ; зло; обида ; ущерб ;
вредить; причинять вред; наносить ущерб


  1. In the long run, a little relegation did them no harm.
  2. The damage this did to our criticism was as nothing compared with the harm it did to our poetry.
  3. Unlike me, he at once felt at home in that charged, aggressive, almost militaristic atmosphere, joined heartily in the drinking and singing, and soon had all the students on his side, which was fortunate for me, because el Americano's prestige deflected a terrible submerged violence and hatred that might well have done me harm.
  4. Unfortunately, in the course of talking and pretending, the sovereign states can harm themselves in the real exercise of real power.
  5. If you follow the guidelines given in this book it can only help and certainly will not harm.
  6. That won't do me any harm, for my position is assured; but you are just beginning your career and it will help you a great deal.
  7. Were such a test to be adopted in future, it would reintroduce into British obscenity law a wholly subjective assessment of taste and decency with respect to works of art and public communications, and it would do so by amending an Act which was designed to focus solely on the question of harm.
  8. What distinguishes this offence is proof of an intention to kill, not the occurrence of any particular harm.
  9. But some dermatologists believe that today's skin products can do more harm than good.
  10. In 1940 U.556 had been fitting out at Hamburg at the same quay as the Bismarck and in return for borrowing Bismarck's band for her commissioning ceremony, Wohlfarth, who was a skilled cartoonist, prepared a document, charred at the edges to show its age, whereby U.556 would "adopt" Bismarck (as towns in Germany and England then were adopting warships) and protect her from harm in all the oceans, seas, lakes, ponds, puddles of the world.
  11. Because she rolled over as she fell, the baby landed on top of her and so was cushioned from any physical harm.
  12. As a result, in each instance, the harm that might have been done to the environment was at least delayed or controlled.
  13. We do not wish to harm you, or your state.

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