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Перевод слова

Перевод: handy speek handy

искусный; удобный; ловкий; портативный; легко управляемый; имеющийся под рукой


  1. That this is so is borne out by the fact that seaside towns with golf links handy have gone ahead by leaps and bounds."
  2. Here you get the choice to shell-out on weapons, repair damage, refuel or buy speed-ups (handy to doge enemy bullets).
  3. Prise it away carefully, and have some timber offcuts handy to pop into the gaps as the board comes away.
  4. Handy size, ideal for carrying in a pocket or bag
  5. Your own handy hedge variety selector table
  7. The fourth leaf of Handy's Shamrock is the client or customer.
  8. She rented shop premises - run-down, and modest in size, but in a handy position - and opened a sweet shop.
  9. It also performs Wye-Delta transformations (handy for network analysis simplification) and defined multi-tap dividers, for up to ten output voltages.
  10. It is not unknown to have ballast on a spar tip to even out the dynamic balance, and, if you are as well prepared as the Peacocks, you'll have spare spars handy which will have different flexibility to try against the breeze of the day.
  11. But Aboyeur's blinkered head showed in front soon after the start as he took the field along from Craganour and Aldegond, with Shogun, Nimbus and Louvois all handy.
  12. After a ritual distribution of chocolate and biscuits - they came in handy later - we wheeled out of the Kathmandu Guest House and into the demolition derby of old Kathmandu.
  13. Handy's work can be seen in this light.

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