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Перевод слова

Перевод: handmade speek handmade

ручной работы; сделанный вручную


  1. Who has enough food to exchange goods for a piece of baked earth or strands of the seed of cotton, and why are they inclined to buy handmade objects at all when manufactured goods look safer, may be guaranteed, and will almost always be cheaper?
  2. Whilst the company is well known for its handmade clay plain tiles, this will be the first time it has ventured into the expanding machine-made clay plain tile market.
  3. The five volumes, written on handmade paper of which the society has maintained a supply, are beautiful, often incorporating family and club crests where appropriate.
  4. Left, two rebuilt Tudor buildings in Coventry have been re-roofed, using handmade clay plain tiles from Steetley Roofing Products' Canterbury Collection, as part of a larger redevelopment project by Coventry City's Architect's Department
  5. Goodebodies products are handmade from traditional formulas.
  6. It is the best place for handmade pumps."
  7. From the time of the resurrection of handmade table ware in the United Kingdom to the present day, the booms in sales of craft ware follows closely the introductions of major technological changes and their ever increasingly felt effect on all aspects of life.
  8. She will receive a fabulous Canon EOS 700 SLR camera complete with a Fogg-London handmade camera bag, PLUS four rolls of film from Kodak's Portfolio range.
  9. Somebody told me it was handmade but I didn't know anything about it for years.
  10. He was one of the chief councillors of the town, owner of the farm where I was staying, owner of one of the seven cars in the city and with a thumb in several lucrative businesses (a bakery, a copra concern and the handmade brick factory).
  11. They stock headdresses from Cupid, handmade garters and shoe clips from Butterfly and Lace accessories, veils from Jean Elizabeth and offer a dyeing service on Dana Bridal Footwear.
  12. Handmade cheeses are justifiably more expensive than the factory-produced equivalents and are, in my opinion, worth every penny.
  13. This handmade rattan furniture has been lacquered, making it suitable for indoors and out.

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