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Перевод слова

Перевод: handle speek handle

ручка ; рукоять ; рукоятка ; удобный случай; предлог ; сбор (выручка) ; вручение;
обращаться; обходиться; ухаживать; трогать; брать руками; держать в руках; трактовать; разбирать; обсуждать; столковаться; управлять; регулировать; торговать; перебирать; перекладывать; делать руками; ощущаться


  1. It also has adjustable handle height so it will suit both you and your partner.
  2. The child who is mentally, but not physically, handicapped may be slow to learn academically, and be a difficult child to handle.
  3. Efficient management includes knowing how to handle people as well as organizing a smooth-running machine.
  4. They admired his ability to handle an awkward bill in a caf or fix lodgings for the night.
  5. They handle mostly independent travel, selling farmhouse holidays and the like.
  6. On the other hand, she may show signs of a kind of restless agitation which can be equally hard to handle.
  7. But at least that was an easy decision, because the 25 watter handled just that, whereas the Celestion handles 70 watts with that classic tone, so the cabs could handle 280 watts.
  8. It was no longer just go out and do a gig with your equipment - there were lighting men, dancers, singers, - there was so much that I think no-one could handle it and he was wanting more and more to make the show very good.
  9. ICI's pharmaceutical company in America is investing 24.7m (14m) at its Newark, Delaware, complex to handle production of Merrem, an injectible drug said to be capable of treating sepsis and infections contracted by people taking leukaemia treatment.
  10. The line should be a full 60 metres regulation length, and the handle in robust plastic with extensions to retain the line when wound-in.
  11. To see how I would handle a bit of academic incompetence?
  12. It's exploiting those who are least able to handle it.
  13. The skill, then, is in knowing which situations to handle with "kid gloves", as another put it.

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