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Перевод слова

Перевод: hallow speek hallow

освящать; чтить; почитать; натравливать собак; науськивать; подстрекать; криком привлекать внимание


  1. The last line of that quotation inescapably echoes the Lord's Prayer - "Hallow'd be Thy name" - and religious language has been in the background to other sonnets of this kind ("consecrate", "spirit", and "memorial" in 74, "idolatry" in 105, "The perfect ceremony of love's rite" in 23).
  2. And kindle fragrant incense to hallow all the air.
  3. Roach target at Bevere, mixed catches from Grimley and Hallow.
  4. It is also meant that Yearn shall or may be sold on the other Mercat days in Isla, viz - Whity., Lammas, Hallow day Mercats.
  5. I'm a second-year witch at the school, and this beastly girl called Ethel Hallow has changed me into a frog and I was -"
  6. There o'er the hallow'd ground she fondly strows
  7. "Thanks for nothing, Ethel Hallow," she said, rubbing her arms and legs.
  8. Like a turnip head at Hallow E'en, Carrie thought.
  9. " You've got a nerve, Ethel Hallow!" said Mildred.
  10. Those two girls were Ethel Hallow and Mildred Hubble.
  11. Ethel Hallow was the form sneak and goody-goody, and it was hardly surprising that Mildred felt unfriendly towards her after all the mean tricks Ethel had played during their first two terms, including almost getting Mildred expelled on two occasions.
  12. From Jack Travers , SI IS, Hallow, Worcester
  13. A few weeks ago I picked up a tray of plants from the greenhouse border and was delighted to see a baby toad sitting in a hallow in the soil.

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