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Перевод слова

Перевод: hairy speek hairy

волосатый; волосяной; ворсистый; покрытый волосами; мохнатый; ершистый; страшный; ужасный; трудный; избитый (об анекдоте); противный


  1. This was a delicious moment of revenge for me, because the Rover belonged to Helen's dad, Hairy Back.
  2. "I think he has a bit of pony or something in him somewhere, though, as he grows very hairy heels !"
  3. Big Momma - Another Hairy Tale
  4. The foreman paused to wipe his forehead with the back of a hairy arm.
  5. All over the Western world there were liberation movements and alternative life-styles - there had never been a kids' crusade like it - and Hairy Back wouldn't let her stay out after eleven.
  6. Then there was a banging noise as of a large, hairy fist striking a desk.
  7. And your arms grow all hairy and muscly like a man's and you get very keen on boxing and tossing the caber."
  8. First take-offs are a bit hairy, and despite the instructor's words of caution everyone ends up running behind a wildly-accelerating aircraft gently but surely swerving to the left.
  9. And of course holding together a part like Juliet with long gaps between the performance nights and no real rehearsal in between is difficult to do - that can be rather hairy.
  10. At the entrance to Catgut Alley, Cut-throat Jake rubbed his great hairy hands.
  11. The man's hairy arm had strayed across into her space, and she had to move it in order to lie down.
  12. Imposing six-footer with large hairy leaves and spectacular deep yellow daisies.
  13. One hand rests between his cheek and the pillow, cupping his head almost maternally; the other, hairy but oddly sensitive for so big and coarse a man, lies outside the sheet.

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