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Перевод слова

Перевод: gut speek gut

инстинктивный; насущный; слепой;
кишка ; пищеварительный канал; струна или леса из кишки; кетгут ; узкий пролив; узкий проход;
потрошить; опустошать (о пожаре); схватывать суть книги, бегло просматривая; есть с жадностью


  1. How could it be that the cells that will form the gut and the bones and muscles are on the outside of the early embryo, yet they will form structures that are clearly on the inside of the animal?
  2. Part of the standard procedure for establishing that organisms in the gut are causing disease is to examine the patient's stools for signs of that organism.
  3. I would find it very hard to follow gut feel if I could not put forward arguments on two sides of a sheet of paper as to why it was the right decision.
  4. If such cells develop as they do because they contain only some of the genes - for example, just the genes for being a gut cell - then a nucleus from such a cell could not substitute for an egg nucleus.
  5. It is the Austrian Open, to be played on a course at Gut Altentann, near Saltzburg, which is a Nicklaus creation.
  6. Everyone needs Oral Satisfaction, but the Truly Fulfilled don't need a filled-full gut.
  7. Initially, I want the gut feel of the members.
  8. Lungs initially develop from an outgrowth of the sheet that lines the gut near the mouth and then this outgrowth branches repeatedly to give the millions of microscopic lobes in the lung.
  9. In time-lapse films the first signs are pulsations by the cells where the gut will form.
  10. "If you are going to gut the house all in one go, this commits you to thousands of pounds worth of work.
  11. The lights in the pub flickered like a fluttering heart, a clenching and rumbling nervous gut.
  12. Generally it is recommended that there is more fibre in the diet to keep the gut working smoothly and efficiently.
  13. Surprisingly, cells that will form the gut are on the outside surface of many early embryos.

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