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Перевод слова

Перевод: guess speek guess

догадка ; предположение; приблизительный подсчет;
догадываться; предполагать; угадывать; угадать; отгадать; считать; полагать; приблизительно определять


  1. "It is said that Watson replied, "Is that you Mr Bell?" but since there was only one telephone in the whole of God's creation at the time, Bell "s reply to HIM is not hard to guess at.
  2. Today, 20,000 might be a good guess for an especially attractive image and Mr Osborne predicts that the price will soon be nearer to 30,000.
  3. The writing seemed vaguely familiar, but she did not guess the identity of the sender until she opened it and read, "Dear Mrs Markham,"
  4. The ascendancy of monetary policy over fiscal and incomes policies in the US and UK has damaged investment, and the high interest rates used to deflate the economy benefit - guess whom?
  5. "I guess that things would have to change very, very materially in conditions of childcare support in this country for us to see a dramatic rise in women returners.
  6. And if he did, Vic would surely guess the identity of the thief.
  7. I guess he heard Barbara and me discussing the good time we had with you, and he kind of picked up on it, and he wondered why he couldn't come down to the Bahamas and isolate himself from drugs.
  8. The team members try and guess the book or other item.
  9. Now guess what?
  10. You can guess that I was not one of them.
  11. One of the youngest brigadiers in the British Army; deputy chairman of the Conservative Party; chairman of a major insurance company; Warden of Winchester College - these are all solid achievements, but it is safe to guess that until this trial started most people had never heard of him.
  12. And I think that if I don't tell you about them, well, I guess that no one would ever know.
  13. "Not in love with her, I guess.

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