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Перевод слова

Перевод: groom speek groom

грум ; конюх ; придворный ; жених ;
ходить за лошадью; чистить лошадь; ухаживать; холить; готовить к определенной деятельности; готовить к определенной карьере


  1. After all, I'd seen pictures of the Queen riding in a carriage, the royal bride and groom rode in a carriage.
  2. Anne was there, representing his family, and his Dad, his spirits lifted by his recent turn for the better, sent a cable of congratulations to the groom and a mash note to the bride.
  3. These are the full stops to a paragraph that give the audience an opportunity to sum up - as it were - how the Bride's hair is cut; why the men convey the Groom to the Bride's house; how the Bride and Groom are blessed by their parents; and so on.
  4. The groom, your father, the best man and the ushers will all find a subtle touch of Beaverbrooks gold elegant and adaptable.
  5. He must be getting on for seventy, and we need a younger head groom."
  6. In fact, for some years I had my own dog, first Bess and then Judith, and she was my responsibility to feed, groom and exercise.
  7. He waited at the house until the bride and groom arrived but he could not be persuaded to enter the house.
  9. Tamar nibbled her bottom lip while she regarded the groom.
  10. E'en the Groom and dirty Scullion
  11. Groom the body and head first, then work on the front legs.
  12. As we were to take care of our own mounts during the trek, we were shown how to groom them, which had to be done morning and evening, and how to tack up.
  13. Rip it into tiny pieces and throw it at the bride and groom at the next wedding you see.

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