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Перевод: grind speek grind

размалывание; тяжелая работа; однообразная работа; скучная работа; зубрежка ; зубрила ; скачки с препятствиями;
молоть; перетирать; перемалывать; перемолоть; толочь; растолочь; растереть; растирать; молоться; перемалываться; шлифовать; полировать; точить; оттачивать; гранить; стачиваться; шлифоваться; делать матовым; наводить мат; скрежетать; тереть со скрипом; тереться со скрипом; промалывать; вертеть ручку; играть на шарманке; зубрить; усердно работать; работать кропотливо; вдалбливать; разжевывать; репетировать; мучить; угнетать; подавлять


  1. In addition, I have a particular axe to grind, as I have been a professional woodcarver for 25 years in both ornamental and sculptural disciplines so woodcarving tools hold a special interest.
  2. Fully dressed, midnight butterfly in this light of day, we hold each other, grind, baby, grind so I could take a chunk out of your neck by way of breakfast.
  3. I was straight with all of them, mind you, made it quite clear I had no axe to grind.
  4. Ampney Crucis Mill is a long-term survivor for, in an age when many rural mills went out of business as a result of their comparative remoteness, coupled with competition from large steam-powered town mills, it still continued to grind corn.
  5. Mr Winchester is impressively knowledgeable about all manner of things, from the tectonic plates that inexorably grind against each other beneath the Pacific's waves to the steamer duck paddling furiously away in Patagonia (although sloppy editing has the duck paddling at 20 knots on one page and a more believable 12 on another).
  6. The piste groomers work around the clock to grind up the snow which, because it possesses a denser molecular structure than the real thing, compacts easily into ice.
  7. They are imperfect players in an imperfect democracy; and they are there, from time to time, to write and investigate things that the closed worlds of the British professions would grind their teeth over.
  8. I breakfast quickly, drinking several cups of tea, knowing that in this wind I need to avoid dehydration on the grind over the pass.
  9. For Eliot Stravinsky's piece itself united city and savage, seeming to metamorphose "the rhythm of the steppes into the scream of the motor horn, the rattle of machinery, the grind of wheels, the beating of iron and steel, the roar of the underground railway, and the other barbaric cries of modern life; and to transform these despairing noises into music".
  10. Darling - and I'm sure this won't be inopportune - don't worry about me, because I'm really quite a "happy warrior"; it was the thought of leaving you, and the fact that you were going back to a hard grind, which prompted my outpourings.
  11. There are few better exponents of the art of looking as though life is a complete grind than Graham Gooch, who invariably begins his day with a long-distance run, and Stewart is altogether more comfortable when the ship is being run more like a galley than the Skylark.
  12. The glacier ends in a cliff that calves small icebergs that head seaward, grind to a halt when they hit the sand base of the river and dissolve in tears at the indignity of it all.
  13. It was memorable for the endless grind in one gully where the snow was waist-deep and we had to swim upwards, and for the point where we emerged on to the easterly ridge with views to Lyngen, and a wind that had bared the slopes and put our teeth on edge.

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