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Перевод слова

Перевод: grieve speek grieve

огорчать; глубоко опечаливать; горевать; тужить; убиваться; болеть душой; болеть сердцем; кручиниться


  1. Being able to say these difficult, and intensely private things to her mother before the funeral was the trigger she wanted to be able to grieve genuinely and begin to feel the loss of her mother, rather than nurse the resentment she had had for so many years.
  2. "If any part of nature excites our pity, it is for ourselves we grieve, for there is eternal health and beauty.
  3. If she didn't stop to rest she didn't have to think and if she didn't think she didn't have to feel and if she didn't have to feel she didn't have to grieve the death of her husband.
  4. When grandfather died the farmer had allowed my grandmother and her two sons, still in their teens, to stay on in the cottage because he didn't need a new grieve; he had an unmarried son in the big farmhouse, ready to take on the job.
  5. Good songs are "Home on the range", "John Brown's body" p.73 and "Around her hair she wears a yellow ribbon" as well as other children's songs such as "Ain't going to grieve my Lord" p.72.
  6. So you will have Miss Blagden to thank and now I suppose that since I am useless to you I will not hear from you again which will not grieve me if that is all I am good for.
  7. - holding this second baby Ellen puts me in mind more and more of Oreste and I grieve to have him.
  8. Ain't Going to Grieve my Lord This is a very popular song amongst British Girl Guides (Scouts).
  9. The therapist's main task was to help the patient grieve over her loss and adapt to living without a partner.
  10. General Election: J Smith (Lab) 22,649; J Love (Con) 6,260; K Gibson (SNP) 4,790; S Grieve (L/All) 3,442.
  11. In each of these circumstances the issue can often be: When do people start to grieve?
  12. "I grieve for the white bodies
  13. Now my cries shall cease to grieve thee,

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