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Перевод: grid speek grid

решетка ; рашпер ; вещательная сеть; энергосистема ; модулятор ; сетка


  1. Turning the eye reveals a different view through the cubic grid; the three point geometry is based upon a pyramid sliced from the corner of a cube.
  2. How should the grid cell be coded?
  3. First, they can be compared with the actual distribution of population as reported on a grid square basis by the 1971 Census of Population (Fig. 5.11).
  4. In addition to the work being carried out in the UNEP HQ at Nairobi and in the GEMS/GRID site in Geneva, a series of GRID regional nodes are now being set up world-wide, each equipped with the same hardware and software and local subsets of the data.
  5. Figure 5.13 shows the same data for the Focused model which, although it has much the same proportion of grid squares with differences in excess of 1000 people, now gives a total range from -4799 to 8339.
  6. National Grid, Britain's high-voltage supply company, and London Electricity say they have a code of practice for workers handling the gas.
  7. After British Telecom, British Gas and British Water, the electricity supply industry - which encompassed the CEGB (and its Scottish equivalent), the regional distribution boards and the National Grid - was to be the biggest sell-off in the country's industrial history.
  8. That was still good enough for second spot on the overnight grid.
  9. Berger was seventh on the grid, this the result of being too cautious with one set of qualifying tyres and too forceful with the other.
  10. But at a Whitehall seminar there was no agreement on how that national grid of optical cables, bringing hundreds of new services to home and business, should be built.
  11. This problem arises because each grid cell can only have a single attribute value and because the chosen grid dimensions are too large to resolve the spatial detail required.
  12. A small number of faint grid lines (or lines of white space on solid bar charts) may sometimes be added if it is important that the reader should be able to gauge precisely the level of particular points.
  13. It also integrated the supply of electricity into the national grid curtailing and, in 1987, finally taking over the only independent Palestinian energy supplier, the Jerusalem Electricity Company.

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