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Перевод слова

Перевод: greedy speek greedy

жадный; алчный; прожорливый; ненасытный;
говноед [сл.]


  1. Without glancing at her, but filling his mouth with rice and peas until his cheeks bulged - he really was a greedy gobbler - he said, "That would be much fun."
  2. You're too greedy.
  3. However, I also linked wealth with being selfish, greedy, materialistic, hard-hearted, snobbish, and dull - as well as with childhood images from the Bible about camels and the eye of a needle!
  4. Pigs are charming and intelligent animals with an irrepressibly delinquent and greedy streak.
  5. The scourge of shepherds and farmers, the boobrie is greedy and will gobble up a whole flock of sheep in just one night.
  6. Greedy Hawk
  7. It surely took after her, a greedy noisy mouth to feed.
  8. But they stood in the way of "improvers", usually great landowners like the Earl of Bristol in the 1660s who were greedy for the easy expansion of their estates which forest enclosures could offer.
  9. But now the animal world is facing its biggest ever challenge - to stay alive in a world dominated by greedy and thoughtless humans armed with guns, explosives, machines and money.
  10. These foreigners are so greedy there's never anything left over for supper.
  11. Rose thought, "Greedy little beggar.
  12. Not so funny, however, were the more hurtful allegations that Kylie was having an affair with rock star Greedy Smith from the Australian group Mental As Anything.
  13. You're selfish, greedy, ignorant and complacent.

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