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Перевод слова

Перевод: greed speek greed

жадность ; алчность


  1. All greed and power and pettiness.
  2. This may confirm Joan's fear of greed and make it more frightening for her to know about her own.
  3. It is almost certainly true to say that there never was any significant period when god worship and religion were as modern man would wish them to be, but instead, that they have always been corrupted, to some extent, to support greed and excess.
  4. Greed is the least of the problems, though the administration was not amused when Israel pushed its luck by suggesting that to help with its Gulf expenses - missile damage, the cost of the prolonged military alert, loss of tourism and so on - America might like to double the 3 billion it already gives Israel each year.
  5. May we not waste our lives in jealousy and greed, but play our part in working towards a more just and equitable future where resources can be divided equally between all the peoples of the world.
  6. As Adam Smith observed, from individual greed come growth and prosperity for all, so long as there are sanctions against those who would profit by theft and mechanisms to ensure that all can share in the prosperity.
  7. "Greed came in for the first time.
  8. The most popularly accepted story, probably greatly altered since its origins some 300 years ago in 1676, concerns jealousy, greed, murder, the eternal triangle and every other human emotion that is a foreplay to disaster.
  9. He was the Napoleon of Central Europe, though without Napoleon's greed and vindictiveness.
  10. A world of cruel greed, rape, nuclear war, phallocentric control, where women are pushed to the sidelines, how can I not be afraid of you?
  11. Their subject-matter is les petites gens, the ordinary people Simenon is said to understand so well, and their tumultuous lives in which jealousy, blackmail and greed generally lead to suicide or murder.
  12. The peace vibe and friendliness was taken away by the greed."
  13. Any woman living above the poverty line may choose or refuse to become a surrogate mother, and value judgments of either exploitation by the commissioning parents or of greed on the part of the surrogate mother are misplaced.

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