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Перевод слова

Перевод: greasy speek greasy

сальный; засаленный; жирный; скользкий и грязный; скользкий; непристойный; елейный; слащавый; вкрадчивый; приторный; не очищенный от жира


  1. The author, a co-founder of the information department promoting Spanish food in Britain, has refrained from the greasy chorizo and rough rioja marketing rush.
  2. I think the choice of white french (or white shellac as the author calls it) was ill advised on a timber like teak which has a greasy nature.
  3. "Wanna dance?" a voice enquired and Sally looked up to see a boy in a velvet-collared jacket, drainpipes and crepe-soled shoes standing in front of her, a lick of greasy hair falling across a face shiny with perspiration.
  4. He had often been out of work during the boy "s early years in the west of Sheffield "where the city meanders in a smokey, greasy straggle of workshops into Rotherham".
  5. Both products are designed to bridge the gap between the dry cheeks and the greasy central "T-zone" that typify the normal and combination skin type.
  6. They formed a queue outside the cinema, pockets of greasy overcoats and grubby kaftans bulging with flagons.
  7. If you have to eat a cold chip, you're better off with an old-fashioned greasy one.
  8. The signalman gave them the right of way simultaneously, the Bletchley train flew away and the Newport one remained at a stand with wheels spinning on the greasy rails, the Bletchley passengers waving goodbye to the fist-shaking Newport workmen.
  9. She noted the greasy chenille tablecloth which was threadbare where the table edge cut into it - a sure sign, Nelly knew, that the cloth had been undisturbed for many months.
  10. These too had become smudged with dirt, and the velvet cuffs of her coat, and everything in the compartment was flecked with specks of greasy black which came off on to you the moment you touched them.
  11. I can see the grime under my toenails, I can feel my hair hanging in greasy clumps.
  12. Forsaken, deserted, the hand came up to Pertwee's brow and pushed into the greasy black waves.
  13. He celebrated his election victory with a greasy knife and fork and a snooze: fried eggs, bacon, sausage and fried bread at 8am were followed by two hours in bed.

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