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Перевод слова

Перевод: gratitude speek gratitude

благодарность ; признательность


  1. Listening to the conversation in which Midnight had no part, she felt a sudden pity for him which increased the sense of gratitude already there, and was slightly surprised when the foppish Randall asked him a direct question:
  2. They represented what T. S. Eliot was to call "the happy combination of privilege and opportunity", and it is hardly surprising if many older people now look back on them with gratitude (which is justified) and a regretful nostalgia (which, I shall argue, is not).
  3. Indeed, there were times when his gratitude pressed down on him like a crushing burden slumped across his shoulders.
  4. Declaring that she believed she was speaking for everyone, she expressed gratitude for the splendour of the hospitality provided by La Belle France, thanked the president personally, and added a few more words of the sort which well-brought-up people employ on such occasions.
  5. Don't shrug them off and be embarrassed, but accept them in the way they are intended - with grace and gratitude.
  6. From that day the plague began to abate, and to show its gratitude the city decided to build a new church.
  7. The gratitude was short-lived, however, when his father replied, "If thoo thinks Aah can spare thi, thoo's another think coming.
  8. Perhaps because of fear, his latest book - a life of Nelson - bore the placating dedication "To Letitia, in gratitude for her sweet company".
  9. But the death was a "terrible blow", as he said, in the affection and gratitude of a former disciple.
  10. Speaking as the operation began, Mr Barnett thanked the person who gave permission for the donation: "I know that Aisling, even if she does not survive, would want me to express my eternal gratitude to them for giving her the chance to live."
  11. It is a nave aspirant party leader, though, who pins his faith to gratitude.
  12. John Lawlor, a pupil from 1936 onwards, said of himself that he "passed from dislike and hostility to stubborn affection, and then to gratitude for the weekly bout in which no quarter was asked or given".
  13. Urged by Elaine Blond to respond on behalf of the Movement, Sigmund Gestetner, whose name was well regarded in orthodox circles, wrote to the Jewish Chronicle to deny the charges while offering gratitude to "those true Christians who felt it their duty to save these persecuted Jewish children".

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