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Перевод: grant speek grant

дар ; дарение; дарственный акт; безвозмездная ссуда; пожертвование; дотация ; официальное предоставление; субсидия ; грант ; стипендия ; согласие; разрешение; уступка ;
даровать; жаловать; пожаловать; дарить; предоставлять; давать дотацию; давать субсидию; разрешать; давать согласие; дозволять; допускать


  1. On Creag a'Bhancair, Glen Coe, freshly graduated Doctor Grant Farquhar, with assistance from Gary Latter, climbed Up With The Sun - a line that starts next to Uncertain Emotions the heads up and right to the remaining peg on Risk Business, follows that route to its belay and then boldly climbs the arte left of Gone With The Wind crux to belay as for Carnivore.
  2. The use of multi-bank loans is quite common in the USA (and other countries) where domestic regulations limit the size of loan that a single bank can grant to any one customer.
  3. Pilkingtons pays a grant of 50 for any child attending school full-time.
  4. Jeremy Barry, the newly appointed Professor of Paediatric Pathology, is supported by a grant from the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.
  5. The two went into a long drinking session, and the end of it was that he bought the man's seventeen-year-old daughter outright, with the last of his grant.
  6. This year the school received a grant of 1.5 million from the Wolfson Foundation.
  7. The unprecedented judgment was then published in the All England Law Reports but two months later the grant of letters was ruled void by another judge.
  8. the court may in accordance with law grant a dissolution of the marriage provided that the court is satisfied that adequate and proper provision having regard to the circumstances will be made for any dependant spouse and for any child of or any child who is dependent on either spouse.
  9. The calypso is not presented as strident political commentary: it is the bland and depoliticised version popularised by personalities such as Lance Percival and Cy Grant.
  10. The Arts Council is holding a special meeting in November to discuss the funding crisis; it is thought that it might decide to cut the number of bodies receiving grant if more government money is not forthcoming.
  11. "He's flexible enough to accept what we're saying, even though he has his own position," says Grant.
  12. Manchester City Council supported an application for an Urban Development Grant of 300,000.
  13. And it has been said that local authorities are not always very sympathetic to acting as a choice of career and sometimes obtaining a grant may be more difficult if a student has evidently changed his or her career tack.

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