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Перевод слова

Перевод: gradually

постепенно; мало-помалу; понемногу; исподволь


  1. Unfortunately, the weather conditions often prevent you from learning gradually, unlike a ski slope where you can choose the degree of difficulty of each individual run.
  2. And the still, small voice which persisted in whispering " too good to be true" gradually, very gradually, became fainter.
  3. Although he gradually lost his sight in his last decade, Ridolfi continued to write.
  4. As Cliff Bastin later recalled: "Relations between these two had gradually been becoming more and more strained, until it ultimately came to a point at which the question was which of them would be the first to vent his feelings on the other.
  5. Through most of the summer, then, the plankton in open ocean is gradually depleted.
  6. These and other questions emerged from a classical ethology primarily concerned with the evolution, motivation, and function of social signals but which began to focus on ecology as the adaptiveness of social structure to habitat gradually became apparent (see Crook 1970b; Crook and Goss-Custard 1972).
  7. The painful problem of the corpse kept overlong was alleviated gradually by the provision of mortuaries, to which bodies could be removed pending burial; but this severed another link between the living and their dead, as the traditional overnight vigil by the body came to be abandoned.
  8. Remove the pan from the heat and gradually add the beer, stirring constantly.
  9. The beef herd proved the breed's ability to thrive on modest feeding and to give high killing-out percentages in all age groups, and gradually the beef traits increased in importance until it became a single-purpose beef breed.
  10. This condition is usually associated with bulbs which have naturalised and, having been inadequately maintained, they gradually become less and less vigorous and do not have sufficient energy to produce flowers.
  11. Gradually he pieced together the story, visiting or writing to members of the family in several continents to confirm details.
  12. The River Chelt flowed to the south of the town, but during the great population explosion between 1800 and the mid-1820s (the population grew from 3,000 to over 20,000), the built up area gradually encroached on the empty fields and spread towards it.
  13. Gradually, with the constant support of her family and friends, Philippa learned to come to terms with her situation.

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