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Перевод слова

Перевод: goods

багажный; грузовой;
товар ; товары ; вещи ; имущество; багаж ; груз ; именно то, что нужно; необходимые качества; требуемые качества


  1. For example, if a UK company acquires goods from a Belgian supplier to fulfil an order from a German customer and the goods are sent direct from Belgium to Germany, the UK company would be required to register for German VAT and would account for tax on the acquisition in Germany and onward domestic supply of goods to the German customer.
  2. And to top it all the Allies then imposed a 26 per cent tax on all goods and materials imported into Germany.
  3. Best reductions in household goods, bedding, dinner services.
  4. Two bakers were employed, deliveries were made to all parts of the city and general goods were also sold.
  5. Providing money is generally acceptable, a person will take it in exchange for goods and services he sells since no difficulty will be encountered in using the money so acquired to purchase other goods and services desired.
  7. Elsewhere in the town other RAOC victuallers from the Ration Platoon are collecting the order for dry goods and dairy products.
  8. Richard Baxter saw this as an illustration of the vanity of this life as both rich and poor alike had to stand by helplessly as their houses and all their worldly goods went up in flames before their eyes.
  9. Equally important are economies of scope: big firms can use the materials and processes employed to make one product in the manufacture of related goods, as Japan's consumer-electronics companies did in the 1970s, using the same factories that had previously churned out cheap transistor radios to manufacture televisions and videos.
  10. Staff in Sainsbury stores were also warned to look out for "trolley lifters" as shoppers took goods from each other's baskets after shelves were cleared of food.
  11. Under these circumstances potential consumers will simply shrug their shoulders, walk away and do without goods they needed or wanted and for which they were ready to pay.
  12. The sales assistant serves you personally - she selects the goods you ask for, takes your money, gives you your change, wraps up your purchase and may even pack the goods into your shopping bag.
  13. How do we pay for the goods and services which we need?

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