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Перевод слова

Перевод: gift speek gift

подарок ; дар ; дарование; талант ; способность ; право распределять;
дарить; одарять; наделять


  1. The subsidiaries will not be sold but developed, and synergies such as gift packs - pottery with candles and Christmas candle decorations, for instance - will be exploited.
  2. In the November 1952 Minutes, Mr. Wetton is thanked for the gift of a Cup to be called the Wetton trophy.
  3. My, what a splendid gift to bring!"
  4. We all feel touched by the greatest gift our ancestors have handed down to us.
  5. He was liable to forget to buy birthday or Christmas presents (one year when he resolved to mark Christmas properly, he bought everyone gift vouchers because he could not decide what to get), but would make a gift out of the blue for no other reason than that it was a nice day.
  6. Berakah can indeed mean "gift" or "present", but its usual meaning is "blessing".
  7. Choose your Free Gift when you apply for SaverPlus 2001
  8. Sometimes 1 would try to withhold my gift of words as the only way I could convey to him that he was withholding something I needed as badly as he needed my poetic ability.
  9. MARSHALL Valvestate 100 watt stack, unwanted gift, 495.
  10. The small heated swimming pool hidden from view near the rose walk was a wedding gift from the Army.
  11. Each letter published will win its writer a 10 National Garden Gift Token, exchangeable at 1,500 garden centres, nurseries and shops all over the UK and any Interflora shop.
  13. If the objects of the society are not charitable, the rule against perpetuities (see p. 42), from which charities, provided that they are to begin within the perpetuity period, are exempt, will make void any gift of property by way of permanent endowment, whether made by will or otherwise; but there is nothing to prevent gifts or bequests from being made to a non-charitable society in such terms that it can, at any time, dispose of the capital at its pleasure.

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