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Перевод слова

Перевод: gentle speek gentle

мягкий; пологий; добрый; кроткий; незлобивый; нежный; ласковый; тихий; спокойный; легкий; слабый; послушный; смирный; отлогий; знатный; родовитый; великодушный; вежливый;
наживка ;
делать мягче; облагораживать; объезжать


  1. "I ask you, Wilson," Mr Browning said, gentle but aggrieved"
  2. Some soared up and down in gentle arcs: some shot horizontally: some rocketed high into the sky, then turned about and suddenly plummeted.
  3. However, a partner needs gentle handling to tread gently and with extreme caution.
  4. To Breeze and Gay she was unfailingly gentle and sweet-tempered; moreover, she was interested in her work, and her little pupils loved her.
  5. His gentle wit was also legendary.
  6. AIR supply is triple-filtered and super-cleaned, delivered in gentle streams over the operating area.
  7. Casino: Try a spot of gentle gambling at the Casino ideal for those who like a little more sophisticated entertainment.
  8. The very first effect of the absence of parental love is that the parent has no gentle sanction whereby the civilising process and the ensuing conscience can be started.
  9. Only gentle low relief pre-Cretaceous block-faulting can be seen on the flanks of the London-Brabant Massif.
  10. Even gentle exercises, such as Yoga, can put tremendous stress on the body if they are done without first dealing with the fundamental issues of end-gaining and faulty sensory perception.
  11. For Galton it was a gentle predisposition; For Binet it was strongly influenced by socioeconomic, cultural and educational factors.
  12. I had felt for the first time a gnawing loneliness, finding echoes of familiar landscapes in the sweep of a glen, the gentle bend of a river.
  13. His paintings are gentle, as though painted under water.

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