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Перевод слова

Перевод: generous speek generous

великодушный; благородный; щедрый; тороватый; большой; обильный; изрядный; плодородный; густой; интенсивный; крепкий (о вине); выдержанный


  1. There is a generous stock-option scheme, and performance-related pay that can, in some cases, double basic salaries.
  2. This generous man with guinea-gold hair had come into her life so unexpectedly, but she just knew that like a guinea he would slip through her fingers before she had a chance to know him better.
  3. The proposed regulation has been widely - and fairly - criticised for being generous in its gestures of environmental concern and for conservation, but lacking in the provision of specific means to carry them out.
  4. Because a source less abundant and less generous than this river had dried up?
  5. Cattle and pigs, sheep and deer, fowl of all kinds both tame and wild were roasted by the dozen to feed them all with a generous hand, as Maclean honour required.
  6. Most of all they were marvellously responsive to any sign of talent or ability and were wonderfully generous in the pains they took to foster it
  7. Dad seldom failed to offer the man to retain the change, in lieu of a drink, for like mother, he was generous.
  8. He loyally went on to call Mr Kinnock happy, open, generous, and possessed of a thing you might not suspect, timing
  9. Elisabeth was seated by Mitzi Baum on a sofa designed for three but amply filled by her thin form and Mitzi's generous one.
  10. He is pro-western, and has had generous aid from the Saudis and Kuwaitis.
  11. And soon afterwards we were grateful for its responsive power steering and generous reserves of torque (perfect for those 1:5 hills) to take the climb up Winnat's Pass with ease.
  12. This one, first seen in the Astra 16v, has a generous spread of torque, although its peak of 145lb ft is fairly high at 4800rpm.
  13. Generous cash prizes from the Northern Bank will be awarded to winners in four categories at a special presentation ceremony.

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