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Перевод: gear speek gear

механизм ; привод ; приспособление; приспособления ; одежда ; принадлежности ; такелаж ; снасти ; упряжь ; шестерня ; передача ; зубчатая передача; зубчатое колесо; передаточный механизм; утварь ; движимое имущество; прибор ; аппарат ;
снабжать приводом; приводить в движение; включать; зацеплять; сцепляться; направлять по определенному плану; приспосабливать; запрягать


  1. "We didn't get out of second gear," he said, "but we are looking to get into third gear and, hopefully, top for next Saturday."
  2. One of them came in, looked at the rubber gear and said, cor, I don't know about this any more, this is all a bit too weird for me.
  3. The drive is transmitted into the adjacent mill building which houses two complete sets of grinding gear and allied crushers, etc.
  4. Not only does the text tend to be repetitious but each item of gear if prefaced by an otherwise blank page informing us of the Key Point to be gleaned in that section, pearls of wisdom such as: "A file is useful for sharpening the edges of your hooks.
  5. Yet we were the ones with all the flash gear.
  6. There are many kits available for fitting alternative diesel engines to Land Rovers Personally I think that a Land Rover 2 25 litre with a proper rebuild, including pump drive gear, takes a lot of beating BMC 2 2, 2 5, 3 4 and 3 8 litre engines will fit as will Perkins 4 203 (3 3 litre) Ford York 4-cylinder plus others from Toyota, Nissan and Mazda can also be fitted as can the VM 2 4 turbo from the Rover SDI
  7. Dr Klinowska said that, although it was necessary to be cautious about the findings, a combination of reflector devices and some modification of fishing gear might reduce deaths.
  8. And it is always us who are rowdies in the pub, who choke harbour fronts with gear, and are heard swearing and shouting among the seaside trippers - never the local yobs, is it.
  9. On the road, the biggest difference you notice with the diesel is the need to change up a gear slightly earlier than in a petrol car.
  10. His right hand caressed the gear stick while his left hand constantly fiddled with the knobs on the radio cassette, ensuring that the coach was flooded with, continuous stream of heavy metal.
  11. It is also hardly noticeable in 5th gear.
  12. Gear ratio 4.4:1.
  13. No palm print on the gear lever, for instance.

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