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Перевод слова

Перевод: gay speek gay

веселый; нарядный; радостный; пестрый; яркий; блестящий; беспутный; гомосексуальный;
педик [сл.] ; пидор [сл.] ; гомик [сл.] ; гомосексуалист ; гей ; голубой [сл.]


  1. But he escaped last night, and mistook Gay for someone else.
  2. Gay had begun, characteristically, by wishing Susan and Breeze luck in their new home, and it was not until near the end of the letter that she mentioned her own affairs.
  3. PACE the free and confidential counselling service for lesbians and gay men, is setting up a group for lesbian and gay carers facilitated by a PACE counsellor.
  4. "Imagine our anger, and the anger of all lesbians and gays when we heard that the NEC, led by Roy Hattersley, had voted to exclude the commitment for an equal age of consent of 16 for gay men," she said.
  5. It is a text which explores the pain and grief caused by having one's desires destroyed by the pressures of social convention and it is this set of emotions which has sustained its reputation in gay subcultures.
  6. Gay understood, because she sometimes had it herself, but Felicity had only looked bewildered.
  7. And that Colonel Richard Lovelace, not John Gay, wrote the note.
  8. Mine was all about Strong-mindedness, and Gay's, as far as I can gather, was on Undue Levity, its cause and cure"
  9. Added to which, David had been interviewed by Melody Maker and said he was gay which gained a lot of publicity."
  10. Well, this creature - Gay's "human ape" - must have thought she was an emissary from him.
  11. Susan and Gay were the people she liked best in the world, and when her father died she had made a mental vow that she would do everything in her power to make life happy for this sister of hers who had worked so hard and shown such courage.
  12. The gay movement learned greatly from black analysis and black political experience, and it was possible in 1970 tor Huey Newton, joint founder of the Black Panther Party, to welcome alliance with the women's and gay movements.
  13. Nobody really cares if Morrissey is gay or not.

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